Lost Lexington

Lexington has dozens of well-restored landmarks, but so many more are lost forever. Explore the back stories of these hidden Bluegrass treasures.

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Geneva Hardman

Delve into this southern city’s century old story of murder and mayhem in The Murder of Geneva Hardman which will be available in January 2020.

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History Lover’s Guide

A collaborative work with attorney-historian Foster Ockerman, Jr. guiding history lover’s through the past of Lexington and central Ky.

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Starting the Kaintuckeean

Following my last law school exam in the spring of 2009, I set out for a drive with no destination. I’d long been a history buff. After all, history is in the genes.

As I drove I rekindled a passion for history and created a blog called The Kaintuckeean. On the blog, I could share anecdotes, photographs, and more of Kentucky’s rich and unique history.

The award-winning Kaintuckeean has received awards from the University of Kentucky and the Blue Grass Trust Trust for Historic Preservation. The blog was a launching point for the publication of Lost Lexington (History Press: 2014). Other books by Peter Brackney include The Murder of Geneva Hardman and Lexington’s Mob Riot of 1920 (History Press: 2020) and A History Lover’s Guide to Lexington and the Bluegrass Region (History Press: 2020, with co-author Foster Ockerman, Jr.).

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