Library Collection For Sale

A sampling of books for sale

The Withers Library

In 1897, Mrs. Sarah Rice Withers bequeathed nearly $33,000 to the Nicholasville Presbyterian Church for the creation of a public circulating library. On the first floor of a building at Maple and First Street, 600 books were moved in. Additional volumes were added to the collection and two employees (a librarian and an assistant) operated the full-time facility.

In 1906, a two-story building (pictured below) was constructed for the library at the corner of Main and Oak streets. Later, the library moved to the corner of Chestnut and Second streets.

At the time of this move, in 1964, the library’s collection was also replaced. The old collection was auctioned and purchased by Swintosky family – a collection of some 3,000 volumes. Since that auction of 54 years ago, the books have remained at the Swintosky residence. Until now.


The books that comprised this library collection – including many vintage and antique books – were given to the Jessamine County Historical Society. The Society cannot house this entire collection and is selling the majority of it to raise funds for the society.

The sale will be occurring until Thanksgiving on Saturdays from noon-5:00 pm and Monday-Friday from 5:00-8:00 pm at the Jessamine County Historical Society, 216 N. Main Street, Nicholasville, Kentucky. For the latest updates on sale dates and sale information, please visit the Society’s Facebook event page.