Killing Kaintuckeean

An unchecked email has resulted in the Kaintuckeean domain and brand to go by the wayside. It’s a brand that I’ve been cultivating since 2009 when I took my first drive into the country to get away from today’s reality and escape into Kentucky’s history.

The old domain,, was not timely renewed. As a result, it was purchased by They have offered to sell is to me for the low price of $3,895. I declined.

I immediately considered scrapping my decade long project, but knew this was not a good course of action. My first book, Lost Lexington, has been successful. And I’m excited to announce that in January, the History Press will be releasing my second book: The Murder of Geneva Hardman and Lexington’s Mob Riot of 1920. (And standby … there’s another project in the works.) So giving up now doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I couldn’t give up. Like Keen’s Tavern following its devastating fire in 1820, I will rebuild the site “like a Phoenix from its ashes.” Upon the suggestion of a friend and fellow blogger, I have kept the Kaintuckeean name and updated the domain to For those of you who have heard me speak, you’ll recall that I was born at the hospital of THE Ohio State University. Well, now my blog is THE Kaintuckeean.

9 thoughts on “Killing Kaintuckeean”

  1. Ugh. That’s unfortunate, but I agree it’s also a blessing in disguise. WordPress is much more flexible as an online headquarters. Also, just a thought, wait about six months and then check on the sale price of Kaintuckeean again. It might drop back to affordability so you can snatch it back up again. If nothing else, you can hold it to protect your brand.

    1. Yes, I’d long considered making the switch and am glad I have done so. Of course, I now realize how many backlinks need to be fixed!

  2. I always liked the word “The” to start a title. Gives the allusion of being the only one or the best!!!?

  3. I really enjoyed Lost Lexington and anxiously waiting for your second. My grandfather just moved to Lexington when the murder of this young girl happened.

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