On the “I Love Kentucky” Podcast

Peter Brackney being interviewed by Barry Gary for the I Love Kentucky podcast.

With just a couple weeks until the September 28 release of my latest book, A History Lover’s Guide to Lexington and the Bluegrass Region (co-authored with Foster Ockerman, Jr.), I had the opportunity to virtually sit down with Barry Gary on his podcast I Love Kentucky.

Check out the episode by listening below or by clicking here:

ON AIR: The Land Between the Meadows Podcast

I recently had the chance to record a podcast episode via Zoom with Jameson Cable. He’s a Kentucky high school teacher who hosts a great podcast called The Land Between the Meadows. He had me on as a “Kentucky Spotlight” and we discussed my books Lost Lexington and The Murder of Geneva Hardman, as well as some general Kentucky history.

If you listen all the way to the end, you’ll even hear me miss a question on his quiz. Dang it! Check out the episode and subscribe to Jameson’s podcast if you are a podcast listener and interested in Kentucky’s history (which I’ll presume you are — since you follow this site). His podcast is a good one! Anyway, here’s the episode – enjoy!:

Lost Lexington in The Lexington Lawyer

Peter Brackney penned a column for the Fayette County Bar Association’s publication, The Lexington Lawyer, about a few Lost Lexington places relating to the legal community.

A recent column in the Fayette County Bar Association’s regular publication, The Lexington Lawyer, was penned by Peter Brackney. The column, “If these walls could talk…” explored the backstories of a few of the sites highlighted in Lost Lexington that related to the local legal community.

Although many sites could have been included, the column focused on the Hart-Bradford House as well as the Phoenix Hotel.