Breckinridge County Courthouse – Hardinsburg, Ky.

Breckinridge County Courthouse – Hardinsburg, Kentucky

Breckinridge County is, of course, named for John Breckinridge, Kentucky’s famous statesman and attorney general under Thomas Jefferson. Breckinridge also served as a U.S. Senator and was the first cabinet-level official from west of the Alleghenies.

This courthouse was built in 1958 at a cost of $260,000. It’s the third courthouse to sit on this site, replacing a quite beautiful courthouse that burned. It’s a pretty simple building that serves its purpose well.

Cloverport, one of the communities in Breckinridge County, was near the site of Clover Creek Tar Springs, a fashionable nineteenth century spa. Cloverport was also the home of Joseph Holt, postmaster general and secretary of war under James Buchanan.