NoD: Boy Scouts Began in Pulaski County

Boy Scouts Historic Marker - Burnside, Ky.
Historic Marker – Burnside, Ky.

Two years before the Boy Scouts of America organized in the United States, Mrs. Myra Greeno Bass gathered a troop of 15 Pulaski County boys in 1908. Utilizing British scout literature, she guided the boys in hiking and camping. A Kentucky roadside historic marker (#1007) on U.S. 27 in Burnside reminds travelers of this great contribution:

Before Boy Scouts of America was organized, 1910, a troop of 15 had been formed here, spring of 1908, by Mrs. Myra Greeno Bass. Using the official handbook of English scouting, she guided them hiking and camping, like scouting today. Known as Eagle Troop, Horace Smith was troop leader. Insignia was a red bandanna around neck. Reputed the first American Boy Scout Troop.

Of course, several other communities around the country declare themselves the home of the boy scouts. We Kaintuckeeans will hold to Burnside as being the groups American place of origin. Today, the Boy Scouts of America is headquartered in Texas and boasts nearly 115,000 troops consisting of over 2.7 million youth members. Well done, Mrs. Bass!