kernel: Centrepointe update

Artist Rendering of the new “Centrepointe” Image: Studio Gang

Bounded by Main-Upper-Vine-Limestone, the Centrepointe block in downtown Lexington has been a lightning rod since demolition plans were announced a few years ago. Much has been written about the various incarnations of the Centrepointe tower proposal.

I’ve stayed away from the bru-ha-ha as much as possible, only making small reference to Centrepointe on this site. I’ve never been impressed with the designs as they all looked like something that would have emerged in one of the tall-building-clusters that ring Atlanta on I-285. And though I’ve grown quite fond of Centrepasture, it is not the best use for the site. 
There are a number of hurdles yet to be accomplished, but a huge step forward was made when the developers hired Jeanne Gang’s Studio Gang Architects out of Chicago. I missed the meeting earlier this summer when Gang came to the Lexington History Museum to share a number of visions. Now, the plan has been refined and the plans will be unveiled today at the Kentucky Theatre at 4 pm. I hope to attend and, if I do, I’ll live-tweet the presentation @kaintuckeean.
From the two images we’ve seen so far, I like this new proposal. I love how the historical buildings are pictured above – the first skyscraper (Fayette National Bank Building) and the Old Courthouse – nestled between two modern structures as viewed from Vine Street, though I realize that the structures to be built on Main will obstruct this view.
Remember: Kentucky Theatre, today at 4 pm. Follow me on twitter @kaintuckeean. Oh… and can we PLEASE come up with a new name other than Centrepointe?