Lexington Food Trucks – There’s An App For That

Follow That Food Truck! is a free iPhone app.

One of the most exciting new developments in Lexington these days is the growth of our culinary culture. Every time I turn around, a new restaurant is popping up. And, believe me, I’m doing my best to try them all.

But there’s one particular niche of this new dining market that has really caught my attention–the food trucks. These restaurants-on-wheels have become commonplace around the streets of Lexington, ushering in a new era of eateries that didn’t even exist here just three years ago.

As fans of the food truck hunt, my friend Erik Rust and I recently began seeking these trucks out and chronicling our finds on the website lexingtonfoodtrucks.com. Before we knew it, our site had grown to host descriptions and contact information for over 30 local food trucks. Hard to believe there are that many trucks thriving in this town of 300,000.

korean beef bulgogi from fork in the road
steak chimichurri by the gastro gnomes

Everything from BBQ to Mexican to Greek to Cajun can be found on a given weekend on the streets of Lexington.

Diners can find tacos for as cheap as $1.50, or gourmet meals for $15. It’s kind of amazing actually.

Erik and I quickly learned, though, that the tricky thing about food truck dining is knowing where to find them. Blue Stallion and Country Boy host a truck almost every night, but the rest of them can be tough to track down.

We are attempting to solve this problem with a new iPhone app that we just launched in Lexington. The free app is called Follow That Food Truck! and it uses GPS to display the location of all active food trucks. Several trucks have signed on already and more are adding each day.

Whether this new food truck movement in our town is a response to the lean business strategies of the economic recession or whether it’s the way of the future for culinary startups is hard to say, but it has definitely taken hold here.

I encourage you to check out a food truck or two this weekend and take in a new dining experience. You can find all of the trucks on our website or on the app in real-time. It’s a great way to support the local economy. And besides, it’s totally worth it.

This post is a guest post by Josh Boldt, cofounder of lexingtonfoodtrucks.com.