America’s First Zero Energy School

Artist’s Rendering

So, we haven’t seen it…but this is just downright cool. And something to make Kentucky proud!! America’s First Zero Energy School isn’t in California or Florida or Texas, it is in Richardsville, Kentucky (which is north of Bowling Green in Warren County). As Tom Eblen writes,

the 500 students and teachers of Richardsville Elementary will leave their 1930s building for a new one next door that is the latest in environmentally friendly 21st-century design. It will be the first school in Kentucky, and one of the first in the nation, to be “net-zero” — generating as much energy as it consumes.

Inhabitat has a good write up on the school with more pictures. Hopefully, we can visit Richardsville when we head out to western Kentucky!

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  1. Wow. People are always making fun of Kentucky. But I think we are pretty cool, because of this and many other reasons!

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